Consult and Coach

Everyone and anyone should be able to deliver change management best practices. Once in a while we need a help. 

Dr. Lisa McRoberts has over 20 years  experience in organizational change management. She has worked with all levels of organization (C-suite to frontline staff) to deliver best-in-practice change management. 

Most recently she has:

· Built strategic plans to increase capabilities for change within transforming organizations

· Delivered change management methodologies (Prosci ADKAR and others) on major technological initiatives

· Developed an internal change management methodology aligned to project/program delivery

· Designed change “heat map” to assess enterprise portfolio changes impacting business

· Coached and mentored +50 change agents, leaders, and teams

· Produced multiple change management videos to create awareness and understanding of change

· Collaborated with operations leadership to measure, assess, and deliver employee engagement models to enhance customer experience.


Training Change Management is easy.  Execution is difficult. 

Dr. Lisa has taught in  multiple organizational and academic settings. She has designed multiple training programs to support user adoption of change management or new technologies - not to mention fundamentals of business management & communications, team effectiveness, project management, strategy & innovation, and leadership.

Dr. Lisa's  teaching philosophy: 

“Teaching is connection; an opportunity to enhance the experiences of the learner in a safe space.  My teaching style focuses on two-way dialogue – I offer the 'student' real-life stories that we then examine through discursive discourse - what can we learn from this, how do we do better? This may sounds like fancy academic Bull Shit but it’s not. When people are offered a chance to think expansively – through connection, open-dialogue, and emotional vulnerability – you see real change which learning is… a systematic shift from one state to another."

Dr. Lisa McRoberts is conscious of the fact that not everyone understands

Tools of the Trade

Tools and templates help leaders and change agents develop strategies to address change management needs. Not every organization has the luxury of time, experts, or a suite of tools to assess gaps in change. Dr. Lisa will coach/mentor leaders and change agents on tools/template. 

Check back regularly for free tools and resources. Dr. Lisa will develop tools for the need.